A mobile application that helps electric car owners  to plan road trips
Brand Identity
UX/UI Design
Design System
Interaction Design
HEPA's goal is to be a reliable and active partner for Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of export development and contribute to their success in internation al markets.
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During the redesigning process we were about to toughen the page by implementing stronger visual expressions, and we considered it vital to apply the different UI elements consistently.
Icon design
In service icon designing we deemed them to become expressive and characteristic over being explicit.

All the icons are set up on a 40x20 pixel basic frame and designing them to be pixel-perfect.
Structure of icons
Service icons
While we were outlining the website, it was aimed to apply the predefined spaces, these are the multiples of 10: 20, 40, 80 and 160.
Whitespaces of the website
We have indented to reduce the applied colours to the least possible.
Except for the brand’s main colour just monochrome shades were used in order to retain the cleanliness of the pages.

Moreover, we established a colour-hierarchy which was being utilized during the whole designing process.
Website colors
Hierachy of colors
A traditional 12-column layout was employed when we were developing the website.

Additionally, considering the HEPA’s characteristics, we would have liked to add industrial flavour to the design. In order to reach it we grouped the layout into three columns, and their fixing borders were displayed on the final design, as well.
Layout of website
The skeleton we show at the design


We have been aware of applying the different UI elements consistently in the different pages.

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