MÁV - Hungarian State Railway
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MÁV - Hungarian State Railway
MÁV (Hungarian State Railway company) and it's advertising agency (Lounge Design) invited us to redesign the online ticket sale platform of the passenger transportation.

Having the possibility to re imagine the entire experience, we quickly found ourselves up against an extremely exciting and challenging task to overcome. The cornerstone of the visual redesign was this comprehensive brand guideline, which paved the way for consistent, unique and modern digital interfaces.
We had the opportunity not just to reinterpret the entire user flow but the same time to determine and articulate the digital branding of it. The visual appearance required to address and reach several target groups with a significant impact. Therefore we formulated a secure and clear visual environment to be unequivocal as much as possible.
Brand Guideline Book
To formulate and systemize the fundamental brand guidelines of the product we created a 48-page documentation to define the practical uses alongside these principles. Throughout the design process we’ve utilized the Atomic Design methodology, which defines interface design systems more deliberately and with explicit order and hierarchy (atoms, molecules, organisms, and so on).
Modular lllustrations
Throughout the interfaces we use intelligible illustrations to ease up some complex user flows. The illustrations are designed to be flexible: certain elements can be adjusted easily in order to formulate the exact tone of message. This structure consists of the following layers.
Responsive Icon Set
As part of the branding system we created a custom icon set which has been tailored specifically to the needs of the product. The icon family sports responsive features where the icon adds and removes details to make sure it’s legible in every size.
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