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Dot started out as a creative agency, but our ambitions were not just to create, design and inspire ideas and narratives.
Dot started out as a creative agency, but our ambitions were not just to create, design and inspire ideas and narratives. We needed a vehicle to deliver those ideas to audiences. That is how just 1 year after we launched, we created Dot Media.
Dot Media is a full-service digital media agency with a portfolio that spans the entire spectrum of online marketing services, including communication and brand strategy, direct display, programmatic, ppc, influencer marketing, research and analytics.
Working with our in-house design and content teams (Dot Creative and Dot Content) we provide a full range of advertising services to brands to face the fast paced consumer expectations of the 21st century.
As members of IAB and DKT industry initiatives, with multiple active members in their ranks, we also believe in partnership across agency lines to further the renown of the digital marketing sphere.
Direct Display
Direct display is still the foremost media channel for innovative and awe-inspiring ad formats and experimentation. The most reliable and stable of all channels, a staple of all well rounded branding campaigns.
Our umbrella for innovative solutions, Singularity is Dot Media’s own programmatic vehicle, with unique and customizable integrated tools for every hurdle a modern brand needs to tackle.
Based on AdForm’s DSP, Singularity offers over 100 ad exchange partners, built-in site and app-tracking, digital fingerprinting technology that lets us target based on context, audience and behavior even across devices.

Using our in-house DMP – Adapter – we are able to segment and target online consumer behavior on an unprecedented scale with dozens of ubiquitous data partners including brands, e-commerce sites, and news amongst others.

Our exclusive partnership with Neticle gives us access to the CEE’s leading natural language processing technology, providing hyper-targeted contextual ad delivery as well as highly complex and 100% transparent brand safety solutions tailored to your brands’ needs.
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