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Integrated audience measurement data in programmatic campaign planning
Conversion focused campaign with well-definable target group and sports theme
Basic prospecting strategies:
• Socio-demographic targeting
• Contextual targeting
• Behavioral targeting
Due to the lack of branding focus and in order to keep costs low, private deals were excluded. However we deemed it important to take advantage of the well-defined target group, so we created a 4th prospecting strategy, that we called “aimed programmatic”.
Using the Doomino Site Spinner AI supported algorithms – based on the industry standard DKT audience measurement data – we ran multiple analyses on the habits of internet users.
Using the data received, we have created multiple site lists based off of:
• Most efficient reach
• Page view affinity
• Duplicate visit
The list was then vetted, merged and transferred to the programmatic system as a whitelist, running targeted ads during the campaign. This way a larger but effective and data-based whitelist was achieved, with the benefits of premium platforms and ad spaces, but without any of the premium costs associated with private deals.
The line items using aimed programmatic whitelists produced significantly better results than the general prospecting strategy line items:
• 52% higher click-through rate
• 18% higher conversion rate
• 11% lower conversion costs
These results were achieved using the audience measurement data not available within the programmatic ecosystem. Plugging in outside data sources and planning for programmatic line items much like in direct display campaigns has significantly increased campaign results.
* Source: Adform RTB 2020.02-2020.03
Click-through rate
Conversion rate
Cost per conversion
Learnings and next steps
Alternative data sources can provide new synergies and opportunities for programmatic.
With preplanning and analysis, purchase of in-DMP data can be omitted from campaigns without decreasing efficiency.
A külső adatok és a beépített adatok szinergiája feltáratlan terület, Plugging in previously unused, outside data into programmatic planning is currently vastly underutilized and unexplored.
The campaign target groups are not always easy to define or are broadly available on whitelist inventory, so the limits of this targeting require further testing.
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